Nice hack

A project log for Floppy-bird

Use a floppy-disk as a multi-frame-buffer, store audio-samples, and increase capacity to boot!

eric-hertzEric Hertz 07/17/2020 at 23:120 Comments

Also, a pretty thorough/informative write-up... Dude uses a video-controller to generate a serial data stream to be written to disk. 

For some reason this reminds me of my trick in avr-lvds-lcd, which uses PWM to generate serial data packets to drive pixels on an lvds/fpd-link LCD.

I guess for FloppyBird the main takeaway is the nanosecond-positioning of flux-reversals.

Though I also dig how this hack is kinda like the exact opposite of FloppyBird; he uses a display controller to write to a floppy disk, FloppyBird uses a floppy disk to control a display.