LED YouTube Live Subscriber Counter

When you hit a YouTube milestone, YouTube send you something special: A Play Button. But I wanted to make my own, with LEDS! ...that updates

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I’ve always been interested in my YouTube analytics. Looking at your subscriber count when you post your latest video and seeing how it performs is always exciting, but it’s a little tedious to refresh the analytics page often. So for my latest project (which I’ve wanted to do for a while), I’ve decided to make an LED YouTube Live Subscriber Counter display that just sits on my desk or office and lets me know how many subscribers I’ve got at any moment! I’ve decided to share the process so you can make one yourself! This was inspired by getting 100,000 YouTube subscribers, so I wanted to make myself a RED YouTube play button.

The process is fairly simple. The system uses a small computer (the ESP8266) to make a google API call every 10 seconds requesting the amount of subscribers for a given channel. (You can specify what channel in the code). YouTube responds with the count and then the LED display is updated with this count! Simple right!? If internet connection is lost or fails, it just keeps trying every 10 seconds.

It then updates the display and changes the colour based on growth, maintaning, or reduction. You can find more details about the Live Sub Count for my YouTube Play Button here.

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    Full instructions on the Live Sub Count can be found on my blog!

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