Fixed a platform problem

A project log for Armed Microscope

An Arduino controlled robotic arm with a USB microscope using the Arduino YUN and uFactory robotic arm.

J. KhaJ. Kha 11/14/2014 at 09:270 Comments

One problem with the version of the uArm I got through its kickstarter was that it really likes to break servo horns. I probably put it together incorrectly somehow, but the screws that attach the fixed platform to the servo horn and platform bearing were interfering with the bottom of the moving part of the arm, where the base servo mounts. My solution? I bought a stronger metal servo horn and 3d printed an attachment for it.

Once I got that done and working, I ran the arduino servo sweep code to confirm I had good motion.

From here, I will be working on the code to control the motion through the web browser, work on the user interface and generally finish the proof of concept. Once I get that working I plan to take apart the microscope and 3D print a way to change the zoom remotely. Some other things I may want to try include making it fully battery powered, autofocus using javascript on the host machine (by moving the arm up and down), and making the microscope show up as a wifi webcam.