Retroengineering an ultrasound probe - part 1/X

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kelu124kelu124 03/18/2018 at 20:570 Comments

I just got an interesting mechanical probe, a Bard Site Rite - piezo at 7.5MHz. The plug is quite simple, and digging into the cable yields 2 pairs of cable, one coax, a bigger cable with two "big" cables. I've made sure it's a mechanical probe. The aim is to try and see if I can connect it to my board and get an image.

Good point for this probe is that it unscrews nicely.

and even better, it has changeable heads!

I assume two pairs of cables are for motors / actuators, coax is for the signal coming back (hence the bead). But how can I see that on the pins above?

Going to search for the reference manual and other resources. I'd rather not unscrew the head yet!

To be continued... possibly with a corresponding patent... Electromagnets?