Tiny Lipo Batteries

A project log for Pixels

A set of smart dice, the same size as traditional ones, full of LEDs and Bluetooth-enabled.

Jean SimonetJean Simonet 12/29/2017 at 19:520 Comments

Following a suggestion from a commenter on youtube, I was able to find a lipo battery small enough to fit in the dice! I received samples early this week, very exciting!

Lipo next to current battery (non-rechargeable lithium)

I got so excited to start seeing if I could make the next version only 16mm wide that I started working on the schematics and now 3D CAD. That's just as well, since now I can get prototype boards made while I continue to work on the firmware.

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Oh and I'm going to try and integrate wireless charging! Not only is it really cool, it'll allow me to never have to open the case (assuming I get over-the-air programming to work), in turn meaning I'll be able to just pot everything down and glue the case shut (no more screws).

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