Few months ago, I saw this Really Cool Instructable on making your own Acoustic Levitator:


Made by  Asier Marzo, and I got really excited about it :-). So I contacted my good friends at Makerfabs, and suggested them to make an Acoustic Levitator KIT for it. They contacted the Asier Marzo and he agreed for such a KIT to be made.
So the Acoustic Levitator KIT is now a reality and available here:

And to thank me, the Magerfabs folks, just sent me probably the very first Acoustic Levitator KIT ! :-)
Here is video of the Unboxing of the KIT:

The KIT uses Arduino Nano to control the Acoustic Transducers. I plan to also experiment with other controllers to see how they will perform in the task.

Those of you that follow me, probably know that I am quite overloaded with all the work on Visuino, the Mitov Software Libraries, and all the Robots, but I will try my best to post some videos/tutorials on assembling the KIT, so stay tuned... ;-)