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A project log for AND!XOR DC26 Badge

The Wild West of IoT

Hyr0nHyr0n 05/11/2018 at 02:210 Comments

It's been a month since we launched and crowdfunded our DC26 project on Kickstarter. W00t!  It was later than last year, so the HaD page being kicked off is happening a bit later, but that's okay :) 

So to sum up what we've been working on? Refining the badge-craft, a different take on blinky layout, as well as better silkscreen art from our friend Doc and a western theme. Based on feedback from folks, were upgrading (and completely rewriting) BOTNET from the ground up to be different. Single player games will be on the badge for line con, and a multitude of badge hacking puzzles for your weekend challenge. We are also supporting the #Defcon 26 Shitty Add-Ons interface as well as adding in some secret lulz and hacks for a surprise at the con.

Aside from that...from DC25 until now, we were lucky enough to speak at the Hackaday SuperCon about our thoughts on the engineering process behind making badges and MacroFab had us on their podcast when we went to their fab site in Houston and saw our prototypes being made.

More technical details coming shortly, were getting ready to lock down the functions this month, so in the mean time watch that youtube video and listen to the MEP!