A project log for espSocket

An attempt to retrofit cheap RF plug sockets with WiFi.

Andy SmithAndy Smith 11/29/2017 at 19:500 Comments

I've been using 433mhz RF controlled plug sockets for home automation for around 5 years, and it has worked reasonably well. I started out sniffing the codes sent by the original remote control with an Arduino and a 433mhz receiver, before making an Arduino-based transmitter that received input over a serial connection from a server on my home network to control and automate various appliances in my home. As first this was just simple cron jobs to turn lights on at sunset, and a hacked together web interface to control sockets via my phone. 

As times have moved on, I've embraced Apple's HomeKit ecosystem and the amazing community project Homebridge, which has a plethora of plugins available for controlling various connected devices. I was able to carry on using my 433mhz transmitter and shell scripts with the cmdswitch2 plugin. 

This all works quite reliably 99% of the time, but there are a few downsides: 

Introducing a microcontroller with on-board WiFi will solve both of these problems, and also open some other interesting doors for future revisions of the project such as power consumption monitoring and reporting.