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A project log for espSocket

An attempt to retrofit cheap RF plug sockets with WiFi.

Andy SmithAndy Smith 11/29/2017 at 22:030 Comments

My goal is to design a drop-in replacement PCB that will fit into the six 'Status' branded sockets I have. 

It will need to contain the following components: 

Here's what we have to work with: 

---------- more ----------

There's a bit of depth to work with underneath the board - just under 17mm at the bottom end, tapering off to around 13mm. The board itself is 37x65mm. There are two standoffs for securing the board in the middle, and two holes at the top for the standoffs for securing the other half of the enclosure. There's also one more support standoff underneath at the bottom of the board near the AC terminals to support the board. These restrictions will make placing some of the taller components quite tricky! 

In the next update I'll start with the part selection.