I bought this Vette from a friend incredibly cheap, and to be "nice", it needs a few external parts and paint job which I'll be adding after modding. I have various ideas for what capabilities to add to this car. I comes to mind that since I'm not 20, I don't need a large, thumping stereo as much as I'd like simple info to be situationally aware.  Also, as a "spare" vehicle, it should be roadworthy, so the usual mech checks are in order. I hope in the next few weeks to get the mundane out of the way, like the oil change a new set of rims and a new set of tires. It's mostly mechanically sound. Between my 50+ hour a week job and the usual funding issues for an expensive hobby, this might take a while. In the mean time, I can work the mod designs and finish my basic research. 

I've been in IT for *ahem* 30 years, so writing code won't be the issue on this project. I know little or nothing about cars and it's been about oh, 35 years since I had AC & DC circuits, so I realize there's going to be a steep learning curve on this one.  The last "cool" thing I did was build an interface for a Commodore 64 and drive a pair of treads from a GI Joe Tank around via joystick in the 80's (hey - it was cool then...)

I'll try to work up an architectural overview later, but I'm pretty certain I'm going to end up modding the control panel that houses most of the cabin controls. It has an idiot light panel that looks just the right size for a LCD panel from a phone, as it's wider than it is tall.  Also, the important controls in the dash (speedo, fuel, etc) are electronic, and appear to be a ghastly orange LCD that either is broken or not powered. It's so burned in it's hard to tell what's up. So, I need to research how it works and whether it will be worth repairing the unit, or replacing it with an LCD screen.  The original stereo is/was a Bose, so depending on how much room I need for mods, and whether the speakers still work, I may pull it and use the room for a more modern radio system. I was thinking of installing a SDR, but knowing little of antenna theory, we'll put that one way down on the list. However, hijacking an android based infotainment system may give me a good base to integrate the other usual capabilities like GPS, bluetooth, wifi etc. ( I have to admit every time I see a DVD player in a car that's not an electronic babysitter,  "I think you're do it wrong!" )

Speaking of doing it wrong, I'm doing this to learn, so any comments or pointers that are thoughtful, insightful or wittily sarcastic will be appreciated and welcome.