Volumetric parametre

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Volumetric parametre

360 angular degrees are 2pi measure so we could calculate radius as sin^2 x + cos^2 x =1 so angular spuculum is done by combining sen and cos arches to the middle for every diameter in circumference, the quadratium is Always positive so with II+II entities we have all the spectrum and the points far. The value goes from -1 to 1 for both and they are opposite so we can say sin*sin+cos*cos=1 so sin*sin+cos*cos=sin+ cos so "avrarage"(sin*sin+cos*cos)="avarage"(sin+ cos) so "avarage"(sin*sin+cos*cos)=1 then max 1 min 1 so sin+cos=sin^2 x + cos^2 then 1=4


This is vortex type, to stop add other vortex 99999999999999999999999999999999 9eat9

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  • 1 × pendolum clock pendulum overwise
  • 1 × egg timer egg timer with stones
  • 1 × timer click clack timer
  • 1 × elastic band double

  • 1
    How to build prototype

    Reverse the egg timer and entwine with and elastic band to emulate a sine curve, then put two leds that work with a coin on bottom top to work as a timer, as the earth of the hourglass has stones inside the material flows throgh the opening and in determinate points gives the mark, otherwise follows the lights. The elastic band is used to mark the edge points like 0/-1/0/1 to turn time when is finished the process and the pendolum is just speed we go on the circumference; just like an arch is build by harmonious avarage but all the step by!

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