Can we call it Beta ?

A project log for KaRadio Wired

Integrated Karadio board based on ESP32 with VS1053 and embedded 2x15 ClassD amplifier

Frederic RenetFrederic Renet 12/02/2017 at 13:330 Comments

PCB is finished, last time features where added :

- Power using only USB (obviously the amplifier will not work)

- Voltage measure of the external power supply thank to an ADC input on the touch screen controller

- Added test points with power supply to easily replace the LCD module 

Speaking of test point here is the back side of the PCB :

The question is do I leave the test point denominator or do I replace them with signal names ? It could be problematic as the names will take a bigger area...

I need to clean the PCB and generate fabrication files. I'll try to publish files on github in the next few days.

After that documentation...