Anthromod Robot

A biomimicry inspired humanoid using soft tissues, soft actuators and rigid bones.

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Most humanoid robots are constrained by having to use rigid actuators like electric servos. They are immediately prevented from investigating and using most of the biomechanical tricks that human (and animals) use in order to move around.
I am building a robot that embraces a number of such tricks and I will utilise custom soft robotic actuators to give this robot a large range of movement.
The robot will use a range of materials ranging from rigid (bones), flexible but inelastic (fascia, tendons), flexible and elastic (ligaments) to Flexible and actuated (muscles). Joints will not be rigidly constrained, but instead be constrained using the range of flexible tissue types.
I will also post updates on my anthromod website and youtube channel.

So far I have run several tests, including printing part of a skeleton and casting custom passive silicone ligaments, in order to test the types of joints that can be made. Actuator tests will follow soon.

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