An Automated Snacks serving Robot For Smart Homes and Hospitals

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Imagine …
You are feeling hungry and not willing to leave the comfort of your desk ;
You are sitting with your guest, or having fun with friends at home,
You will definitely want someone to get your snacks onto your desk.
You are feeling down due to Low Blood Pressure or other medical conditions, and wants some one to serve you with Salt Water or any rehydration solution.

Here comes a solution for all your desires.!

Just select the desired amount of serving and the number of serves from your smart phone app,
An Automated machine gets your order ready, accompanied by a robo-waiter, to pick up and deliver it to your desk.

Just Click to be served.

This project was like a small version of, an imagination turned into reality. 

The whole Project Has three folds:
1. A static robot:-
       This part will contain some ready to serve food items like biscuits, Snacks, dry fruits, Health supplements in the form of biscuits, etc in each separate container and the plates are also stacked in this part. 
It can serve any of the items contained in it, as per the order placed through a smart phone application.

2. A movable Robot:- 
    This is a simple path following robot which has a tray mounted over it.
    Initially this bot is placed in front of the Static Robot, (position being traced using IR sensors, and will be further upgraded with RFID tags), the plates served by the static robot is placed over the tray. The Smart Phone app enables user to select the location(room no.) where he wants to be served. This data, fetched by the static robot(currently over Bluetooth), and it sends the location data to the movable bot.
The movable bot after receiving the plate follows the path which leads to the targeted location as per configuration.

3. A smartphone application:-

  • The prototype we made, communicates over Bluetooth protocol through our application. This will be further  upgraded to WiFi to increase the range of application. 
  •  The app has a function of setting remainder and alarm to get delivery of food at particular time at particular location.
  •   User can configure their servings (i.e amount of snacks and number of plates) whatever and wherever they need and this info is sent to the static bot.

    Here is the Video of working of  the prototype
    #Phase 1 complete 
    #Full demonstration


Idea Overview

JPEG Image - 3.07 kB - 04/25/2018 at 18:23



Idea Overview;

JPEG Image - 5.76 kB - 04/25/2018 at 18:23



Idea Overview

JPEG Image - 4.69 kB - 04/25/2018 at 18:22


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JPEG Image - 2.64 MB - 04/23/2018 at 13:38


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  • 1 × Arduino Mega
  • 2 × Breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × Cartoon Boxes For structure of the Prototype
  • 5 × Infrared sensors For Position tracing of the linear actuators
  • 2 × 12v adapter for power source

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  • 1
    Pre Requisites for understanding the Project Built

    One need to be familiar with
    *Arduino IDE,
    *Building basic apps using ai2.
    *basic sensor modules, etc

  • 2
    Starting with the Shape:

    Shape can be anything as per the choice of make.
    *The shape of the container is as shown in this image

  • 3
    Container Opening and closing mechanism

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