Casio fx-ES PLUS Reverse Engineering Project

We aim to achieve arbitrary code execution on calculators such as Casio fx-991 ES PLUS.

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There's a line of Casio calculators which has a dot-matrix LCD display and a 8-bit CPU of an obscure architecture called nX-U8/100.

Eventually, a way to make the Harvard-architecture CPU jump to arbitrary locations was discovered, and this combined with a manually dumped ROM image allows to execute arbitrary code using ROP.

The method of achieving a buffer overflow was originally discovered by a small group of calculator hackers on Baidu and that discovery makes the above possible.

Our research on has yielded the necessary documentation on the rare CPU and its architecture, and we plan on writing a custom loader to make this exploit more convenient to use. We have also developed an open-source emulator for the calculator to aid research.

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flarn2006 wrote 06/23/2021 at 00:33 point

Where is your research? The link just goes to their home page.

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@raspiduino wrote 05/31/2022 at 15:28 point

Just signed up an account to reply this. You should look below at the links section. Btw the link is

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