Why I've made it?

There are lot of similar project all around the web but they are almost all open frame. Therefore I've decided to design a smart enclosure that both allows to hang it to a wall or just laying on the desk.

How does it work?

The set-up is very simple and employes ESP8266 NodeMCU and cheap MAX7219 based 8x8 dot matrix LED display.

The ESP8266 connects to the WiFi router accessing the Youtube statistics by means of a unique channel ID and API key.

How is it made?

The Frame

Building up a decent frame could be complicated and requires specific tools and skills; therefore I've decided to search something on the market that was cheap and easy to find.

My final choice was an 13x18cm (5"x7") IKEA frame available in black or white that is thick enought to house all the hardware inside with minor modifications.

Electronic hardware

There are lot of NodeMCU's on the market, all of them have the same functionality but the PCB differs from each others in shape and mounting holes dimensions. Due to this I'm attaching for reference some picture and dimensional drawings of both the display and NodeMCU for better identify the hardware.

3D printed parts

The standard IKEA frame can't be used as it is because the back panel is just designed to held photo's inside; therefore it must be offset to create the space for the hardware.

Based on this idea I have desighed some 3D printed parts to make the assembling easier:

  • mounting bracket for both the display and the ESP8266 to be bolt on the back panel.
  • corner spacers, necessary to keep the back panel assembly at the right distance and serving as fixing system for the back panel itself.

(see the pictures below)


  • N.1 IKEA frame model RIBBA 13cm x 18cm (5" x 7") white or black
  • N.1 3D printed mounting bracket (free dowload)
  • N.4 3D printed corner spacers (free dowload)
  • N.1 LoLin ESP8288 NodeMCU
  • N.4 8x8 dot matrix LED display (single PCB version)
  • N.1 Transparent plexiglass sheet 180mm x 130mm x 2mm
  • N.1 Faceplate template (free dowload)

Assembly tips

Coming soon. Thanks for your patience..