Beaglephone Pocket

A cellular shield for the new Pocketbeagle

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This project is a reworking of the Hologram Nova to match the form factor of the Pocket Beagle. It is a work in progress and the first time I've done a cellular board. 

All of the design files were created in KiCad, the open source PCB program.

  • A video explanation of v1.0

    Chris Gammell12/08/2017 at 21:16 0 comments

  • Whatever, I didn't want v1.0 to work anyway...

    Chris Gammell12/05/2017 at 22:09 3 comments

    As happens with custom footprints, sometimes you mess 'em up. That was definitely the case for my v1.0 of the board. I somehow managed to create the SOT523 part backwards, having created a drawing of these already-way-too-tiny parts not realizing the datasheet said "Bottom View". I also whined about it extensively on my podcast and on Twitter, so I shan't do the same here.

    I figured this out after building 8 boards for prototyping and then not getting them to power up properly.

    But wait, you say, why wouldn't it power up? Weren't the SOT523 parts included for doing level translation?

    Well, my friend, the messiness of this first proto didn't stop there. I also managed to swap the pins in the schematic for a 2n3904. This was actually more of an issue that KiCad offers so many darn versions of the part:

    And also that I ignored convention. For some reason my brain didn't think to check the normal pin ordering convention for NPN transistors.

    This mea culpa is being posted because I'm continuing on and the v1.1 boards will be here later this week. I shall assemble them and figure out other stuff i've mixed up then.

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