Lorentz dreams about metal horses

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Project for coin cell powered machinery.

It was friday evening, on my desk there was already a few rings from coffee mug .Making progress with coin cell challenge,I was half way thru sketch of magnetic bearing to pic-o-matic main disk.The cold air came from nowhere, as I was going to draw another line in 3d cad."Something don't feels right" thought raced thru my mind.I heard a few water drops behind me.Turning in my chair, I saw him.He was siting in corner of my room, in long wet coat, without hurry putting on tobacco in his pipe.All what I can see in a mild shock was his clerical collar and eyes that could see inside a soul.Stared at me for a second.Then with calm, confident yet a little hoarse voice said: "It won't work, I tried".The ringing in my ears faded, heart stopped hitting ribs.The man pulled from his pocket newest <sponsored ad opportunity> smartphone and send me link to wiki article. Being absorbed by the article I didn't see when Mr.Earnshaw leave the place.All I know is that he was right, and I have to find another way to make my gizmo rotor work.

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    Robert Mateja01/08/2018 at 21:45 0 comments

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    Robert Mateja01/08/2018 at 21:44 0 comments

    Perfect candidate to set horse in motion waits for neodymium magic rocks from behind Great Wall.

    Winter came, rocks don't.

    orginal photo stack by Master  croped and aligned

    oshpark board visualisation

    all that sitting on magnet bearing with halbach array eddy currents stabilizer, on oshpark self supporting pcb, in glass dome, in a fricking vacuum. 

    10Ohm coil pulsed from nano timer or msp430 with DRV5032 hall sensor for initial startup.

    with synchronized, pulsed led for stroboscopic illusion

    assumed power consumption - under 1uA

    dome - check, coil - check, drv/msp - check, great support from oshpark - double check

    messenger with goods from silk road - absent   ---> project delay, yet still ongoing

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Robert Mateja wrote 12/06/2017 at 10:08 point

All details coming soon.

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