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A project log for Reviving a 4 wire communication system

Convert Burk Radio Remote Control from 4 Wire control to Ethernet using Comtrol adapters

RoboMonkeyRoboMonkey 02/07/2018 at 13:020 Comments

2 Units are complete and testing.  I wish I had the firmware to run them at 4800 baud, but I'm stuck at 300.  Makes the response time slower than I'd like.  My colleague (and chief engineer) is satisfied with the modification and reminds me that it's that slow on the 4 wire too.  I know it is, but being the perfectionist I tend to be, I want to crank this puppy to 11.

He also suggested I do a write up for Broadcast Magazine.  Wonder how the submission process works....

If it's useful to you for Radio control or anything else that uses 4 wire, let me know.  Leave me some skulls man! :)