Milwaukee V18 to M18 battery Conversion

Converting Milwaukee's V18 battery tools to accept modern M18 batteries.

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In 2010, Milwaukee converted all of their 18v battery tool line over from the 18V NiCd and 18V V18 battery systems to their M18 battery system and discontinued production of all tooling and batteries that utilized the previous systems' battery base format.

Starting my career in the trades in 2005, I invested heavily in the V18 and V28 line of tools. When Milwaukee converted, they kept the V28 battery bases the same on their M28 battery line, however, in dropping support for their previous 18v tools, when my 18v NiCd and V18 batteries eventually died from cells dying out, I found myself with essentially useless tools.

The scope of this project is to use a 3D printer to print a M18 battery base and then adapt the base to be fit into the base of the tool. Most of the old 18v tools have a removable base, so my hope is to remove the original base and use the points of attachment to the tool body to model a top half of the battery base for an easy, durable & lasting convers

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