ST NRND'ed the STC3115AIJT?

A project log for Qi and USB Li Charger Flex Module

Charger system for Li batteries with fuel gauge. Works with Qi wireless or USB power source. For sale on Tindie.

chris-hamiltonChris Hamilton 04/11/2015 at 08:120 Comments

OK, so it looks like ST is pulling out of fuel gauges. Great... Well, honestly even though I loved the STC3115AIJT, I had done a bunch of work trying to fully integrate the chip in. Now I am looking at the BQ27531-G1 which works with a similar series of chargers and actually 'runs' the charger and filters uc requests. So maybe it will be the awesome default discrete does most things, i2c enables all features USB/Qi Charger I meant to make.