Enclosure 2

A project log for Self monitoring headset

Hear your own voice during phone calls & vlogs.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/16/2021 at 21:150 Comments

The 1st artistic enclosure was designed over 3 days.  

Even the underside is artistic.

The new set of jumbo LEDs gave it a true retro look.  The mute LED seems essential, now that it's installed.  There's a perceptible brightness delay as the mute fades on, even though mute still pops because the electret condenser is either on or off. There is no delay as the mute fades off.  Some more resistor tweeking would be required to perfect the fade delay, but normally you want the mute to turn off as fast as possible without popping while turning on can be slow.

The enclosure height is just enough to fit all the wires in without kinking.  A 100k turns the mute on & a 10k turns the mute off, hence why turning off is faster.

There are still problems.  The pots don't fit.  There is a minimum spacing between pots & switches to avoid bumping into them, so the enclosure would have to get bigger.

The top panel needs to be .6mm thinner.  Side panel still needs a hook for cable management.

The switches are too noisy to ever be used in a radio environment, but they would never be toggled around a live microphone.  The clicks are what sells.

The corners ended up small enough to not need any artwork, but they don't interlock at all.  The mane challenge is interlocking panels which are printed horizontally with corners which are printed vertically.  They need protruding tabs on the bottom & recessed notches on top to interlock with the panels.

The inside got a lot more packed with a BJT for the mute LED.