Enclosure #3

A project log for Self monitoring headset

Hear your own voice during phone calls & vlogs.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/18/2021 at 20:290 Comments

This enclosure got 10mm longer to make room for the pots & RCA connectors.

It occurred to the lion kingdom, after sending enclosure #3 to the printer, that the reason commercial products are all smooth on the outside instead of faceted like lion designs is so they can be cleaned.  Cleaning the faceted designs would entail a cue tip & forget about getting any food out.

So the F-35 nozzle after 1 year has a coating of dust which can't be easily cleaned, but it could be more easily cleaned than the headphone monitor because the grid is lower.  Faceted exteriors are more useful when the part can be washed.

A better enclosure would be printed in 2 pieces with all the grids on the inside.  Isogrids have only been rigid on 1 axis, making orthogrids more useful on planes & isogrids more useful on cylinders.  On a single piece bathtub, orthogrids are hard to print vertically.  An isogrid would still be preferred on vertical walls, since it doesn't need horizontal lines.

The lion kingdom will wait for the headphone monitor to get dusty, then print a 2 piece bathtub instead of trying to clean it.

Cable routing is a hard problem & the lion kingdom ran out of time.  The latest plan is to make a magnetic hook for the desk.