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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 12/26/2017 at 08:200 Comments

As was envisioned many years ago, the web interface came together.  It's a WEB APP, people.  It shows the essential peak level, recorded time, time remaneing, & has an unmistakable record/stop button.  Don't ask what official combination of AWS, Django, nosql, MongoDB, reactJS, Clockwork, Unicorn, Paperclip, officially sanctioned by 15 year old Stanford graduates at Facebook was involved in this $50 billion buyout target of VU meter web app.  The SNR definitely suffers from the VU meter pinging the wifi.  If only the REST calls required a billion fewer lines of machine learning.

Of course, putting the analog board on the tablet increases the noise to -80.  Properly spaced, the meter hugs -85 or 13.5 effective bits.  Turning wifi txpower to 32 pushes the noise to -40.  The killer is the longer recordings experience horrific glitches exactly every 120 seconds.  

The other problem is transferring audio files from the PI goes at 8megabits, at best.  Wifi is much easier than plugging it into USB & making it a USB device.  It'll probably require a WEB INTERFACE to download recordings, which automatically increases the txpower during the download, with something written in an obscure dialect of Heroku.

Where's the cloud service which fixes these 120 second glitches? You can't get a job unless you solve all problems by subscribing to a cloud service.