Bootleg #1 begins

A project log for The ultimate vlogging mic

Recording the best headset audio in a portable form factor

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 01/12/2018 at 03:210 Comments

A bootlegging opportunity presented itself before the 4 ch recorder was ready, so it was time to reconfigure the vlogging mic for just a microphone.  Whacked some day job parts together to make a 4 hour battery.  It was now obvious that it needed a connector for interchanging microphones.  After many decades of suffering with TRS connectors, it's become obvious that all audio connectors would be better off as pin headers.  

In testing, Jack has issues initializing.  Didn't download the audio, but it normally requires restarting the client program to capture any audio.  The system becomes less reliable as the voltage drops below 5V.  At 3.5V, it sometimes can't initialize wifi but does eventually initialize.  The audio initialization seems to be less reliable below 4.2V.

Recorded a 3.5 hour file & the battery was dead at 3.4V.  There were another 10 minutes to transfer the file over wifi.  The battery was rated at 960mAh, but the charger said it only used 816mAh.  So it took roughly 230mA.

Of course, this gadget requires a phone to control it & the phone lasts much longer than 3 hours.  It makes more sense for a video, since the part on camera is much smaller than a phone.  For a bootleg, why bother carrying around a phone to control this gadget when you can just record on the phone?  Because theoretically the fixed gain is going to sound better.  The phone was designed to record a voice up close, rather than an auditorium.