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Recording the best headset audio in a portable form factor

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 01/13/2018 at 05:270 Comments

For 20 minutes, the lion kingdom sat there trying to get the cheap cell phone to connect to the PI.  It would connect to the access point, but the browser couldn't connect & it couldn't start recording without the browser.  The thought occurred that the static proof bag was impairing wifi.  Then there was the idea that the cheap phone was flogging it to download gigabytes of adware or there was a bug in the web server.  

Very dire thoughts came, as the lion kingdom began to write off the whole exercise.  It was to be expected, for an untested gadget in a very demanding application.  Then came a fleeting thought that was the static address the home router gave it, but what if there was no home router?  Did it use,, ... it came up & the Jack was giving a signal!

Another glitch was the debugging header was a mess, nearly contacting other solder joints on the PI.

After rebooting to download the recording, noted Jack once again failed & it wasn't sending data to the client at all.

Unfortunately, while it did record the entire show, it captured an extreme amount of WIFI interference & the maximum levels were down at -10dB because of the lack of gain in the Generalpro.  It was almost unintelligible & an ordinary cell phone would have done a better job.  Would almost recommend a 3rd audio project just for bootlegging.

Taping the microphone to the human body probably ground looped it.  After shifting position later in the recording, the noise went away.  It was a disappointing failure, but probably not enough to kill the Generalpro for its headset role.  In the historical context, the recording is still huge.  Can only imagine it would be like hearing Wernher Von Braun giving a lecture in any quality, today.