Mold fails, #3

A project log for WristPDA (Abacus) Battery upgrade

more than 3 times battery capacity, by building parts of the case/ housing entirely from scratch

mclienmclien 09/02/2014 at 21:160 Comments

So the plan to use a fiber wrapped around a mold part for stiffer mounting holes worked from the stability part, they failed in correctness.

Main goal was to find another way to form these parts. After a while I found the ideal "posts" for that: ultra smoothe surface, stainless steel (which makes it easy to release, because smooth surface and stainless steel don't stick very well). A cannula! (cost next to nothing.)

embeded them while building the mold:

For the top part I places a screw within the mold, which I planned to use as a method to "push" the part out of the mold:

Left: position while making the part   right: "push out" position:

And the outcomes:

left: using the push method   right: using stiffer fabric to avoid outcome #1:

Problem with method #2 is that you enclose air, when putting fabric in the mold that is already succed with resin. With some pratice (using lots of resion in the mold to avoid enclosing air, lots of mold release agent) I got better parts, but still with ugly marks on the surface:

rleft: how the carbon fiber goes into the mold   left: the parts with the mentioned marks:

Next post will be the working mold, after that I'll start the insruction how to make it right (summary of my experience ). Thanks for the patience ;-)