Open source hardware add-on board for Raspberry Pi that controls RGB LED strip and collects data from various sensors through Home Assistant

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ANAVI Light pHAT is an open source hardware, Raspberry Pi add-on board for controlling a 12 V RGB LED strip. Furthermore, the board supports sensors for light, temperature, humidity, gesture recognition, and motion detection. It features:* Terminal block for attaching 12 V RGB LED strip* Slots for up to three plug and play I2C sensor modules* Slot for PIR motion sensor* UART pins for debugging* EEPROM with board manufacturer information and a device tree fragmentANAVI Light pHAT is fully compliant with the popular open source home automation platform, Home Assistant. Thanks to ANAVI’s open source application, the ANAVI Light pHAT can be easily integrated into Home Assistant as an MQTT JSON Light component.ANAVI Light pHAT was designed using the free and open source application, KiCAD. You can support our crowdfunding campaign and order from Crowd Supply.

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