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A project log for Self Flying Quadcopter

A fun and educational project to convert a small quadcopter to a self-flying indoor drone.

George AlbercookGeorge Albercook 12/08/2017 at 21:140 Comments

I find that Git Hub repositories can be very confusing. Silverxxx from RCGroups created a repositoryfor all of the files needed to upgrade the firmware on the Eachine H8 mini.

I wanted to go over how I became familiar with the folders and want they mean. 

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Starting at the top the In this case the Libraries are files that tell the system about the specific microcontroller that is used on the Eachine H8 mini.

Silverware>>scr here is the good stuff. The source code. You probably don't need to look into this if all you wanted to do was reflash the firmware the quadcopter you probably don't need to look into the guts here but we will probably need to study them inorder to make the kinds of modifications that we want to.

Utilities seem to have to do with the drivers for the programming dongle.

bin contains the hex files that can be directly flashed to the Eachine.

gcc contains information for the gcc compiler like the makefile so that it knows how to make hex files that the microcontroller will understand. 

All of the files that start with a "." are what GitHub uses to maintain the repository. and are text files with human readable instructions. Read them