CNC'ing a motor mount - Brushless motor upgrade part 2

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Rebuilding a Rockwell 21-122 Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine

polyfractalpolyfractal 11/10/2019 at 15:080 Comments

Playing around with CNC!  After building the housing assembly for the motor, I needed to mount the motor itself.  The motor came with a small bracket, but that didn't sound like much fun.  Instead, I took off the top of the motor can and replicated the features in CAD.  I then milled that directly into the top housing plate with the little baby Taig CNC mill.

Everything worked remarkably well, only a few hiccups.  Coolant also worked a lot better than expected.  Unfortunately, an error in my program meant the air vent slots didn't get fully machined so the coolant didn't drain, making it hard to see what was happening.