Status #07

A project log for Build an 8-bit computer

Project inspired by 8-bit breadboard computer of WRKits and Ben Eater Youtube's channels (with updates).

fbio-gilFábio Gil 05/21/2018 at 00:170 Comments

Yeah! Now the 8-bit computer is done!  The Instruction Decoder, composed by three EEPROMs AT28C16A, now is decoding all instructions automatically. The reset circuit was completed too.   

It's fantastic!

This project was one of my best expericence of my career. But this does not stop here! I'm thinking make some updates in this project, adding more instructions, more RAM and interfacing with other devices, which are on the edge of the project, of course.

So, see you next time!

The video bellow show up the 8-bit computer running some programs automatically.

Note: This video have English subtitle, that you can activate on You-tube Player.