A project log for Owi arm controlled by a LEAP Motion

The idea is to create a non convencional interface to control a robotic arm

giovanni-lealGiovanni Leal 08/24/2018 at 14:400 Comments

The study of the ways in which humans interact with
robots is a multidisciplinary field with multiple contributions
from electronics, robotics, human-computer interaction,
ergonomics and even social sciences. The robotics industry is
mainly focused on the development of conventional
technologies that improve efficiency and reduce the amount of
repetitive work. To achieve this, enterprises must train their
technical staff to accompany the robot when performing tasks,
during configuration and technical programming for proper
operation. Taking the latter into account, the development and
creation of unconventional interfaces for interaction between
humans and robots is critical, because they allow for a natural
control over a robot to generate wide acceptance and massive
use in the performance of a wide range of possible tasks. This
paper presents the challenges in the design, implementation
and testing of a hand-based interface to control two robotic
arms and the benefits of this technology that is between
robotics and human interaction.