It is a good interface?

A project log for Owi arm controlled by a LEAP Motion

The idea is to create a non convencional interface to control a robotic arm

giovanni-lealGiovanni Leal 08/25/2018 at 15:140 Comments

Well... we will give you the data and youlll make your conclusions.

First the metodology:

So we started on the first iteration:

As you can see the first one we also marked the space where the sensor picks up the hand. The results are the following:

fig_paper_prueba2.pngThe learning curve show that the system provides a easy to use interface.

And the feedback was pretty good! 

Overall everyone was very please, keep in mind that the task where designed for no more than 10 minutes because you will get tired from keeping your arms straigth on the air. For example BMW cars now equip this feature on its cars but only for short commands.

So as always feel free to ask us anything!