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Dmitry V. SokolovDmitry V. Sokolov 12/19/2017 at 11:270 Comments

I'd like to play pong on my computer and I plan to use an old scope in the X/Y mode for the screen. So I need a digital-to-analog converter. Naturally, resistor ladders come into mind, however R-2R would not work directly.

Let us try to find resistor values. Current intensities are tied with the voltages in the following way:

You can try the following code snippet in the sage calculator:



eq13=(26/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 1,V2= 1,V3= 1))
eq12=(24/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 0,V2= 1,V3= 1))
eq11=(22/27==Vo.substitute(V1=-1,V2= 1,V3= 1))
eq10=(20/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 1,V2= 0,V3= 1))
eq09=(18/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 0,V2= 0,V3= 1))
eq08=(16/27==Vo.substitute(V1=-1,V2= 0,V3= 1))
eq07=(14/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 1,V2=-1,V3= 1))
eq06=(12/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 0,V2=-1,V3= 1))
eq05=(10/27==Vo.substitute(V1=-1,V2=-1,V3= 1))
eq04=( 8/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 1,V2= 1,V3= 0))
eq03=( 6/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 0,V2= 1,V3= 0))
eq02=( 4/27==Vo.substitute(V1=-1,V2= 1,V3= 0))
eq01=( 2/27==Vo.substitute(V1= 1,V2= 0,V3= 0))


Turns out that it is not R-2R. It is R-2R-4/3R! Let us plug my 3-trit counter to the resistor ladder:

The sawtooth wave clocks the counter, and we have a nice staircase output. With few spikes, but those are easy to filter out.