Design power trees and estimate consumption of electronics designs

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PTree is an open source and free software for electronics engineers and architects. It helps build power supplies and optimize complex electronics design. A first window is dedicated to build the tree itself by connecting sources and loads. The second window lists all components with their consumption on each power supplies. The third window is a graphical summary of all consumption on the design.

Download for Windows, macOS and Linux :

One of the major functions of any electronics design is the power supply. On complex projects, designers and architects can spend days or weeks to optimize every consumption, efficiency and size.

Most of us use Visio and Excel. This is painful. PTree is made for that.

It combines a graphical editor to draw and link all regulators (DC/DC, LDOs, etc...) with a part table that lists the consumption (in Ampers) of all the component of the design. Then, formulas are applied to compute the Voltage, Current and Power everywhere on the tree

The graphical editor works with two types of items : sources and loads.

  • A (voltage) source is a regulator. DC/DC or LDO. It will transform an input voltage to an output voltage.
  • A (current) load is a power plane. It regroups the consumption of multiple components. Each consumption can be edited in the "part list".

When a tree is drawn and the part list is filled with components, the application computes all Voltages, Currents and Powers with the equations described in the help menu or this file.

Then, statistics are displayed in a dedicated window to help the designer or the architect to modify its design.

An example project (example.json) is located next to the executable.

Software development

PTree is a desktop cross-platform application. It has been writen in Javascript and uses Electron. So it is a web browser (chromium) and a web server (node.js) packaged in a desktop executable.

The app is made with web technologies : mostly Javascript and a bit of HTML5 + Sass.

Because Electron is based on node.js, I used some packages such as jQuery or Twitter Bootstrap that are listed in package.json.

PTree is also an object-oriented application. A full diagram can be found here.

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