A project log for Variable speed washer motor and controller reuse

Motors and controllers can be salvaged from scrapped washing machines. This project delves into reusing the motor controller too.

Jerry TrantowJerry Trantow 12/23/2017 at 05:410 Comments

I have been unsuccessful at reversing the rotation of the motor. All we have to play with is the frequency and duty %. I was hoping a different frequency or duty > 50% would reverse the motor but no luck so far.

If anyone has a working washer I am interested in whether the tub ever reverses direction??? If yes, it would be great to see a scope on the TORQUE PWM signal in reverse. It would also be nice to verify the frequency during normal operation.

If the motor controller isn't designed to reverse, it would be easy to add a DPDT switch/relay/contactor to swap two of the winding wires between the controller and motor to change direction.  (2Amp 250V AC)