Successful Reverse

A project log for Variable speed washer motor and controller reuse

Motors and controllers can be salvaged from scrapped washing machines. This project delves into reusing the motor controller too.

Jerry TrantowJerry Trantow 01/08/2018 at 06:240 Comments

Steve scoped his washer and figured out the state of the TORQUE_PWM signal determines the rotation direction. I put together a quick Arduino test and verified this works for me. Thanks Steve!

I added an interrupt to the Arduino code but the MTR_CTRL_TACH signal is too noisy until 140-150 msec after I turn off the TORQUE_PWM. I was using the internal pullups on the input pin. I see real sharp 16khz noise spikes on the tach signal so I will have to figure out some filtering or how this noise gets on the line. I added a file with the scope shot of the noise. Yellow is TORQUE_PWM signal, Green is the MTR_CTRL_TACH signal.