• Hardware

    jvsalatino12/19/2017 at 16:51 0 comments

    The hardware it's the same as the Prusa 3d printer.

    Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4 + Marlin firmware.

    Due to the size of the machine I had to use stepper motors larger than the Nema 17 for which the Ramps 1.4 plate (large format Nema 24) was designed. For this reason I have had to replace the drivers of the stepper motors with more powerful ones.

  • Software

    jvsalatino12/19/2017 at 16:34 0 comments

    The software used is a Processing sketch.

    This sketch draws an intuitive graphic interface to load the necessary values for the process (size of the cylinder, separation of the holes, etc.), and performs all the calculations necessary to locate the perforations correctly. The interface shows a cylinder that can be rotated, zoomed in and out and where we can see the distribution of the perforations according to the entered parameters.

    When we have verified that all the information entered is correct, we can start the process by sending the necessary orders (in Gcode format), to the machine to perform the drilling.