Leap Motion Controller as Midi Device

This is project which involves a leap motion sensor as midi device.

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This project involves C# application that translates hand and fingers data captured by the leap motion controller. The data captured are transferred to Ableton Live 9 via a virtual midi port.

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glenn.szymanski wrote 04/13/2020 at 00:27 point

I've been interested in getting a leap motion controller to control VSTs. The problem is we use a Muse Receptor (it's basically a rack mounted PC that runs some customized version of Linux) and it won't run any kind of software except VSTs. So, we wouldn't be able to plug the leap motion into the Receptor. I'm trying to figure out what kind of small piece of hardware (besides a laptop or tablet) I could use to convert the leap motion to midi CC #s. Would something like an arduino work?

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