Hot-wire Foam cutter

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Flight time and versatility will be vastly extended using a combination of multirotor, blended wing, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. 01/19/2018 at 05:310 Comments

NiChrome wire arrived the other day.

I am using 32 gauge Nichrome 60 (10 ohm/ft)

The plan is to use this wire as a hot wire foam cutter wire to cut the wings and possibly rough out the body of the fusilage.

To power the wire, I have a DC motor speed and direction controller which I connected to opposite ends of the wire.

I stashed this motor controller that can deliver up to 24V inside of a variable speed electric nail file body (don't ask) an attached a super cheap voltage monitor with display so i could see what i was cooking with. Silicone coated wires came forth carrying voltage and were terminated with alligator clips to attach to the nichrome wire.

Pictures will follow eventually...