• 1
    Install retropie

    Download retropie image and flash your micro SD

  • 2
    Connect the Pi to your TV

    Beware, Pi zero has 2 micro USB ports :  one on the right for power, the second (between the other micro-USB and micro-HDMI port) for USB device like the gamepad (or a keyboard).

    Connect :

    1/ the HDMI cable to your TV,
    2/ connect the power cableto your TV (or to a power adapter if your TV doesn’t offer USB port),
    3/ connect the OTG cable with the game pad.

  • 3
    First run : controller setup

    The first run will extend the partition and automatically reboot.

    Then, retropie will ask you to setup the controller.

    Simply press each key and, when done, do a long press to ignore keys not present on your controller.