Box for Resume 3D Print automatically

This monitor box will rescue a failed 3D print job automatically.
Support almost all the 3D printers which use the marlin gcode .

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With this monitor box we can rescue a failed 3D print job automatically by press the OK button . Becuase of that it not just can detect the power off,but also can record every layer 's information (through USB cable) while SD printing.
without batteries or UPS

Easiest :
This monitor box can auto resume print from any Z position,without to change your printer firmware or to edit gcode file or to use any other tools.

3D Printers:
Had been tested and worked well on some 3D printers, such as Prusa I3, Creality CR-10, Iduino MEGA R3,Anycubic I3,Anet A8.

allows a print to be recovered after certain types of failure.
possible causes:
tangle/filament break
nozzle jam
power outage

for upgrading the resumer 3d box firmware and settings.

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This is the screen capture while run Printer_check.exe

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Use this software tool (for Windows) to check whether your 3d printer can be worked with our resumer3D box. check 2 points: gcode command(marlin is ok) and which the usb driver chip your printer use.

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