Yet another raspberry picam

A raspberry pi camera running on batteries, which takes photos, HDRs, panoramas, timelapses and more.

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A Raspberry Picam-era running on batteries/solar power, which takes photos, HDRs, panoramas and timelapses from time to time.

This is just another Picam, with some interesting features and ideas. Many already working, some which don't work, and others to be implemented. But in the end, nothing you haven't seen in other projects.

The original idea was only to take photos and panoramas, using 2 servos. But as the project was growing, I kept adding sensors and features. At first I doubted seriously if I was be able to build it, mainly due to my (really) low electronics knowledge, but hopefully I managed to overpass almost all the problems.

Table Of Contents

  1. First idea
  2. Camera enclosure
  3. Power
  4. Board
  5. Camera
  6. Temperature sensor
  7. Luminosity sensor (/lightnings sensor)
  8. Distance/Movement sensor

Part 2

  1. HDRs
  2. Servos
  3. Panoramas
  4. Timelapses
  5. Fullmoon photos
  6. Whatsapp bot
  7. TODOs

0. First idea

As I've said, the original idea was to take photos, panoramas and lightnings, using 2 servos for the panoramas. So I started playing around.

But this was just the idea. Later I changed the camera and used only 1 servo.

1. Camera enclosure

My idea was to place the camera outdoor. This Raspberry Pi board had been used for 2 years as wireless repeater in a very good enclosure without problems, working on -12ºC to 40ºC, but the lid was not transparent, so I could not use it for this project:

After some research and search, I realized that the best way to put the camera outdoor was to buy a dummy camera. They're cheap, with wall mounts, quite robust and fairly weather resistant. So I bought an enclosure which looked fine, but the crystal (plastic) was not transparent either. 

So finally I bought the Elro CS66D dummy camera:

This one met all my needs: robust, with holes for the cables, wall mount, crystal transparent and clear...

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  • 1 × Raspberry pi 2B+ board
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi camera v1 camera
  • 1 × Solar cable PV TUV 6mm2
  • 1 × Solar cable PV ZZ 4mm2
  • 1 × BH1750 light sensor Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits / Misc. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

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