• Here's a short video to tide you over

    red.squid03/25/2014 at 07:50 1 comment

    I tried to add this as a link but I had a java problem. Oh well, here it is-


  • I'm the absolute worst

    red.squid03/25/2014 at 07:28 0 comments

    I'm super busy so bear with me. Gulf Coast MakerCon is in less than two weeks, our makerspace soft opening is a week later and I'm doing the Galileo Hacks project with Make, so my dance card is full. I've made a lot of progress on the Lunettic, but I have not drawn up the schematics or any of the documentation stuff yet. So far I have 6 LFOs, 6 inverters, 1 multiplexer, 2 dividers, 4 10-step sequencers, 2 DACs, 1 optical DAC, 6 square wave VCOs, 6 voltage controlled switches, 2 FMVCOs, 1 voltage controlled stepped tone generator, one slacker melody generator and a four channel mixer with a built in amp and speaker. I'm planning to add 2 of Eric Archers mini space rocker drum modules, a very lo-fi snare module, another four channel mixer/amp combo and a couple of filters.  It all had to be stage ready by Saturday, april 5 so I'm starting to sweat. No worries- more soon.

  • The project to date

    red.squid03/04/2014 at 22:41 0 comments

      The first four modules have been completed. They are as follows-

    -6x 40106 oscillators- three of them use .47uf caps and the other three use 10uf caps. 

    -6x 40106 inverters

    -1 4040 divider

    -1 4051 multiplexer

    these modules are mounted in one PVC panel measuring 4"x11" and will be mounted in a case when the project is done.

    The next panel will have two 6bit R2R DAC and three FM oscillators with CV in for pitch, FM and mod on/off as well as two pots to control pitch and modulation range,