Air Vent mount vs QI Charger

A customized metal plaque for using an air vent magnetic mount without interfering with QI charging

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I have an iPhone 8+ and I love my car air vent magnetic mount, but since QI charger needs a clear path for its coil to work I had to work around this limitation.
Downloaded Apple accesory design guidelines and with the CAD files I worked around the design limitations.
Included the blueprints for the iPhone 8+ as an example, the same can be done for every phone if you have the exact location of the QI coil
Photos show the whole process, I left a 2mm (3/32") margin over the exclusion zones, so alignment is not that critical.
Used double side adhesive tape to reglue the plate to the iPhone.

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Renato Almeida wrote 09/28/2018 at 17:13 point

Awesome!! We need this drw in CAD file! =D

The link:

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Mark wrote 12/29/2017 at 19:45 point

This is awesome, and I didn't realize they had a doc with technical drawings.  I'm getting ready to adapt a fixed mount in my car to support a magnetic Qi charger and this definitely helps solve a piece of the puzzle.  Can you comment on which magnetic Qi mount you have?    

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