USB Host Shield with Teensy 3.1 credits and links​

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frankstripodfrankstripod 06/26/2015 at 09:542 Comments

My project would not be possible with out the hard work and extreme dedication of these people and those who support them.

Teensy 3.1 and Teensy-LC. Thank you Paul Stoffregen!

USB Host Shield Mini. Thank you Oleg Mazurov!

Also xxxajk (Andrew J. Kroll) wrote spi4teensy3, Thank you!

Paul Stoffregen also has a forum for project help, loaded with great information like this Teensy Quick Reference: Code Examples, Tips and Tricks.

Oleg Mazurov wrote an awesome series of articles that go over the basics of USB report descriptors and HID.

Visualizing HID device reports and report descriptors:
A simple introduction to USB interface and report descriptors.

HID support for USB Host Shield Library 2.0 released:
Interfacing to HID boot protocol devices.

Arduino USB host Articles:
Arduino USB host – Communicating with HID Devices

Arduino USB host – Pre-prototyping – Part 1

Arduino USB host – First programs – Part 2

Arduino USB Host – USB Descriptors – Part 3

Arduino USB Host – Peripherals – Part 4

Lightweight USB Host Articles:
Lightweight USB Host. Part 1 – Motivation

Lightweight USB Host. Part 2 – Hardware

Lightweight USB Host. Part 3 – accessing MAX3421E

Lightweight USB Host. Part 4 – The code

Lightweight USB Host. Part 5 – control transfers

Lightweight USB host. Part 6 – introduction to HID

Other Links: USB Host Shield References

USB Host Shield Projects: A summary and Links for Hardware information, Arduino Libraries, and Application-specific information

USB Shield Blog: Some are older articles not used here, but have valuable information.

Hardware Manual with Pictures of how to hook up the hardware!
(Compare with Teensy 3.1 “USB Host Shield Library” below.)

Teensy 3.1 USB Development Board References

Teensy 3.1 – Main Page: New Features, Technical Specifications, and Pinout Diagrams.

Teensyduino is a software add-on for the Arduino IDE software.
Also see

Download the Arduino Software

Download Teensyduino

Teensy 3.0 now supported by the USB Host library: 3.1 support and pinouts!

USB Host Shield Library with Pictures of how to hook up the hardware!
(Compare with USB Host Shield “Hardware Manual” above.)

Teensy 3.x Native USB Host Preview Available 3-24-2015
Looks like something else to play with.

Digital I/O

USB Serial

USB Keyboard

USB Mouse

SPI Library


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My goodness! That's quite a bibliography!

Does that mean it's functioning already?

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frankstripod wrote 06/26/2015 at 10:57 point

I just wanted all the links for these two boards finally in one
place. Also the articles were hard to find in order. Just the SPI is
working now! :)

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