Finding a case

A project log for ArduiTape

Cassette tape replacement for old 8-bit machines

sad_kensad_ken 09/01/2014 at 11:170 Comments

Trying to find a suitable case without the means to build one from scratch or (if i can avoid it...) buying one. 

Luckily i was given an old Netgear ADSL router which seems to be big enough to fit everything in, at least it should once i've moved over to a Arduino Nano.

After badly cutting some holes to fit the LCD and push buttons i needed to fill in some gaps and cover the Netgear logo on the top.  Having seen some homemade plastic filler on another site i thought i'd give it a try, the basic idea being you simply soak the ABS plastic in Acetone for 24 hours.  Not having any pure acetone to hand i decided to give acetone based nail polish remover a try.  So after 24 hours the plastic was nice and soft, but more like silly putty, than actual putty (guessing this was the water content).  Fortunately this worked out quite well as it was easy to mould with my hands and would stick quite nicely to the case. 

The final test will come later when i try to sand it smooth again, i'm going to leave it another day to dry out as some parts were still a little soft.