XMas Lights using MicroPython

Making some XMas Lights using the WiPy and a WS2812b LED Panel

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This project uses a WiPy board programmed with MicroPython to control a WS2812b LED panel to make some XMas Lights.

Project Components:

Wipy 2.0/3.0 Wipy 2.0/3.0 x 1 buy
WS2812BWS2812B 100 bits LED Panel x 1 buy
CableJumper Wire x 1 buy
PythonXmas-lights x 1 download

The Wipy2.0 is not available any more, but the WiPy3.0 should be better (it has more RAM) and it should be pin-compatible with the Wipy2.0. I bought one, I am going to test it, and report the results.

To get more information about the project, please click here!

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    First, you need to acquire the hardware.

    Read the component/description section!

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    ​Do some wiring!

    I used unipolar (I think, that's the name of a cable with only one conductor) cable. It is easier for connecting e.g. all the 5V and GND pins. Connect all 5V together, and all GND together. Wire the Dout (Data out) to the Din (Data in) between the LED boards (small ones).

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    Download the repo from GitHub

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