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bafeigumbafeigum 09/26/2014 at 19:244 Comments

So my chips finally passed through customs and arrived in sealed anti-static bags. I connected up the VDD and GND to a bench power supply as others have noted that these chips need quite a bit of power. I also needed to connect the CH_PD pin to 3.3V to enable the chip. Just on standby, the chip consumes about 70mA. 

I connected the TX and RX lines to my Sparkfun FTDI Basic and fired up Putty just to test out some commands before I hook it up to a chipKIT. I have to talk to the chip over 115200 Baud, and 57600 does not work. I received READY in my Putty terminal and sent AT+RST. The chip spit out a bunch of boot up text which I will include later when I write a post showing the response of all of the commands. I sent AT+CWLAP and nothing... at first I received ERROR. I sent it a couple more times and actually got the chip to list the access points! I tried connecting to my wifi router, but I entered the password wrong and still received OK. I tried sending the inquiry if I was connected and the chip hung up and any command I sent after that said it was busy. All further attempts to send AT+CWLAP hang up the chip.

So I would say so far, the chip isn't as easy to use out of the box as others have stated. I will investigate further and send some more commands and write up a post detailing how the chip responds. 


Mauricio Mendes wrote 12/04/2014 at 15:21 point
Hello, I have the same problem as described above. Does any one know more about it?

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charliex wrote 12/07/2014 at 17:17 point
which firmware are you using, i'm using v0.9.2.2 AT Firmware.bin haven't had any issues. setup was straightfoward

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Sancho_sk wrote 10/25/2014 at 11:33 point
Hello. I found something interesting. With the new version, the chip stores the wlan and password in eeprom and after reboot imediatelly tries to reconnect.
So if you provided wrong password in the beginning, it will try to connect and everything else will fail.
Try to do a quick sequence of AT+CWQAP and imediatelly follow with AT+CWJAP="xxx","yyy" and it will work (worked for me allright).
After successful connection, you will again be able to list APs. Now, even after I quit the connection, the AP list works.
Good luck.

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Johan wrote 09/27/2014 at 19:21 point
Nice. I've got the chips :D in AT mode. I found a nice link:

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