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A project log for Scanning 3D High Velocity Vacuum Printer

3D printing in a vacuum at high speeds

chazChaz 08/27/2014 at 21:010 Comments

I decided to write this before some patent trolls sit on it or some university research turns it into the next overpriced 3d printer.

I'm super busy working on lots of other projects at the moment but I am actively trying to prove the concept.

First, can i find a material that will stack up on itself reliably and is willing to take a charge.

I need to make a test stand to fire the material out, i am thinking high velocity air jet or particle accelerator or maybe it doesn't have to be fast just accurately located and as it nears the base sticks to the nearest material. in which i could use a piezo injector. Could an electron beam be used to pre-charge the areas we want the material to stick to and then shoot a blind stream in the general direction, like powder coating.